File:Stan Janet and puppies.png

Name: Luiz Marquz (Stan)

Gender: Male

Eye color: Blue

Species: Human


Stan was born in Mexico USA. His father was a drunk, and got fired from his job, then quit drinking. They then moved to New York, when Stan was 5 and his father found a new hobby; Gambling. They soon ran out of money, and the father could only had money for 2 of 3. The mother gave her food to Stan while the father pleaded for the mother to eat and let the baby Stan DIE (he was an accident), but the mother didn’t listen. At age 11, they were out of money, and the father got deep within the mob. So the father left the mother and Stan to deal with the mob. The mob burned down their house, and took Stan as their prize and threaten the mother. If Stan doesn’t do what they say, she will die. Stan was pulled through this with his friends; John, Blizzard, Rowan, Dawn, Aeon, melody, and Harmony.

Stan’s Personality: He is hot headed sometimes, and impulsive. He likes to taunt a lot and make people laugh but knows when to stop. He is caring, loving, and he would take a stab to the heart then let his friend’s die.


Stan has a long lost sister who was given away to keep him safe from the mob, he has never seen her since. His best friend is the all loving panda, Po.


At age 12 he had a small crush on Harmony. Age 14: he fell head over heels for Janet, a white tiger who, as it seems, likes him too. He’s constantly nervous around her, but it calms his nerves when he finds her blushing at him.

Stan has a likeness for drawing. Michael Jackson is his favorite singer and is loves to do AWSOME impressions of his dancing, but he finds drawing even better for him.