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Janet Snowflake

Gender: Female

Eye color: red

Species: Tiger

Backstory: She was found in a cave in Alaska at age 1. Somehow the snow bleached her fur white, and part of her tail had frozen and fallen off. She was next to what seems like her mother’s dead body. The mother was said to have died keeping Janet warm. She was raised in a nice home in Alaska, and for some reason, she LOVES the cold. She had great education, a scholarship for Kung Fu School. She left her home early, and toured the worlds Kung Fu schools. When she returned home she had found her village died when the mountain gave way to a snow pile over the village. A month later, She moved to china to seek a new life, and she found friends, and a new family.

Personality: She is fun loving, and loves to tease. She can be hotheaded sometimes but she thinks things a little bit more through when it comes to certain things.

Fur color: Snow White

Relations: Unknown

Love Interests: Stan, she loves to tease him, and is very interested in his love to draw.

Species: Tiger

Age: 14 in a half