This is the Pilot episode of the series, and were the series fame took off.


This episode explains spider-mans origin story. It starts in the daily bugle were peter is handing jameson photos, spider-man starts explaining that he is peter parker and that he is selling pics of himself. Spider-Man then says that it sounds like hes cheating but that its a dessprate move that works. Spidey then explains that a spider got irrateated with radiation a bit peter giving him spider powers. Spidey then explains his powers, and that he uses this "Web fliud" to spin webs, but it runs out quickly. Then spider-man explains that he was hoping to earn money for wresaling, after he wins the money he lets a bugerlar go, responding to the cop " Hey, sorry pal but im a wreasler, thats your problem," peter then comes home to find out that his uncle was murdered. The cop tells him that they have the man responsible cornerd in a wharehouse, but spider-man, wanting to get him first , goes to the wharehouse. Spider-Man then figures out that the killer was the thug he let go. It then changes to spider-man clinging to the wall and says " With great power comes great responsiblety...." only to slip off the wall. Spider-Man then says " Ooohhoo that hurt."

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