LEGO Spider-Man the Series first episode, it isnt what the call the pilot, but it is the first in the series. Writien and prouduced by Grant Watson.


It starts with a hostages being held by some man by the name of hermain. While caption stacy is surrounding the building, spider-man comes down and enters the bulding replying " I hope I know what im doing," only for a wall to collapse on him. It turns out it is a man named the shocker who is holding hostages, spider-man mocks him dodgeing his shock waves and beats up a lone thug working with the shocker. Shocker starts a timer with a bomb on his back and runs off, spider-man webs the bomb straped to shockers back but it breaks off. Later, spider-man has turned in the thug, rescued the hostages, and shutted off the bomb, but the shocker has escaped.

Deleation and reuploadingEdit

This episode along with the other episodes were deleted, but reuplaoded by someone who had previously saved it one his computer.

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